Financial management (Controlling)

Financial planning and control ensures healthy growth.

The accounting data capture following information:
- the status and movement of company assets,
- the method of financing the assets,
- income and expenses ie. performance and profitability of the company


Those then serve as a basis for decision making. There are a number of indicators to measure the effectiveness of property management, ROI tracking receivables and payables, cash flow. Revenues and expenses of the company can be evaluated for different dimensions eg. For centers, projects, etc. In the financial analysis can compare the current year to the previous year or budget for a whole year, from the beginning of the year after the current month or monthly periods.

You can select different chart types For the visualization of financial indicators and their trends .

Financial statements may be easily exported to Excel spreadsheets if necessary.

Reports of Lighthose21 should used for financial management and to ensure the economic stability of the company and its further development.

Lighthouse21 system allows you to define financial statements that include the required indicators.

To calculate these indicators serve states and turnovers accounts from the general ledger broken after accounting periods and dimensions for type resort project etc. You can choose the style and format of the statement and its breakdown.