Price of system Lighthouse21 can be determined by the type of licenses and the number of users:


Basic user can define views 1D table,

2D table, Graph and Tree.
Views can be exported to pdf, xls, xlsx, csv.
It can also run reports created in Crystal Report and view alerts generated by Lighthouse21.


The user has the STANDARD user function available.
Additionally, it can define data sources and define reports created using Crystal Report.
It can define alerts and dashboards.
It also has data import from MS Excel and data export to MS Excel template.


The user has PREMIUM user functions available.
In addition, it can define financial statements and financial plans.
Can analyze financial statements and plans.
It can define 2D views and Dashboards with OLAP technology.

Personal menu and workspace definition
View definition - 1D table
View definition - 2D table
View definition - Graph
View definition - Tree
Crystal Reports Displaying
View exports to pdf, xls, xlsx, csv
Client for alerts
Data source/quiery definition
Panel Group Definition
Definition of enumeration values
Icon definition
Mailing definition for 1D, 2D tables
Alert definition
Data Import from MS Excel to MS SQL tables
Data export to MS Excel templates
Financial Statements
Financial Plans
2D and Dashboards with OLAP technology

Lighthouse21 information system is licensed based on the principle of named users. Each user must be assigned the appropriate license.

At least one PREMIUM license is required for installation, which allows the definition of data sources.

It is also possible to license optional modules "Mailing" and "Alerts" for sending mail perspectives and to generate alerts.

Licensed with the types of databases to which the user can access the system Lighthouse21, such as MS SQL Server, SAP HANA.

Definition of Financial Statement

define the lines of overall incomes and states for accounts, specifying function and a list of accounts

that belong to a line formulas are possible with eg. the sum of several rows or percentage of rows

non-financial indicators are possible eg. number of employees in the month.