Management Portals

Manager as well as the pilot needs information arranged neatly on his website / cockpit. At one point they see comprehensive information and can make sound and timely decisions. This function performs dashboards.

Dashboard contains several components with visualized information, in an intuitive style. Used for both operational and strategic management.

You can create your own dashboard in the system Lighthouse21, quickly and easily. You can analyze information from multiple data sources eg. From accounting, attendance, payroll, etc.



The individual components in the dashboard are interdependent. For example, when you click on a state in the map it will automatically filter the data and graphs and vice versa.


Dashboard control panel

Various components can be placed into Dashboard to be classified for visualization.



Mini-charts and ratio indicators in the form of stripes can be used for quick orientation. Charts offer a variety of display styles eg. A line, bar, area, bubble, pie etc.



Gauges are also descriptive.


KPI indicators

Tabs for inclusion of KPI indicators on the Dashboard.



Information visualization on maps provide a quick orientation for example when assessing sales. They provide information on the geographical distribution of your activities.


Manager as well as the pilot needs neatly arranged information on his dashboard.