Managment system Lighthouse21 is tool for evaluation of corporate information

Management Portals

Manager as well as the pilot needs information arranged neatly on his cockpit.

Indicators for quick reference

System of corporate indicators provides a quick orientation about the state and development of the company.

Analysis for decision-making

Information are important for decision-making of employees at all levels of management .

Financial management (Controlling)

Financial planning and control ensures healthy growth.

What can the system Lighthouse21 do?

Management and reporting system Lighthouse21 belongs to the category of Business Intelligence (BI) software.

Due to its openness and intuitive controls Lighthouse21 allows you to define business indicators and reports necessary for analyzing the trends of your company. You can timely respond to changing business conditions.

Easy installation and layout style of reports leads to rapid system implementation. Along with favorable price you have a guaranteed return of investments.

So you can quickly react to changing conditions and do not need to spend money on expensive IT experts.

Thanks to the connection to multiple data sources from accounts through payroll, attendance, and production to CRM all the necessary information are available to you from the store, purchase, production and economy. Lighthouse21 answers the question of what affects productivity, income and expenses.

Allows you to identify the causes of these effects. It provides tools for motivating employees based on company performance indicators. Provides support in decision management.

Basic characteristics of the system

- graphical user interface is easy to use
- visualization of information for quick reference in the data
- easy-defined business characteristics
- various formats and structure analyzes show
- plunging from summary to detailed data
- on-line analysis
- high security data sharing
- sharing of data from multiple systems simultaneously (multiple data sources)
- central administration and authorization of analyzes

The openness of the system Lighthouse21 you the freedom to choose the data sources, the calculation of indicators and in the choice of presentation analyzes.

Basic benefits of Lighthouse21

- accurate and timely information for management
- easy user defined corporate indicators and reports
- cost savings and rapid return on investment
- integration of data from different systems
- tool for evaluation and motivation